BuiltWell is a hassle-free home management subscription that simplifies the protection of your most valued asset.

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We all have that friend or family member who has a homeowner horror story.

Maybe you’ve experienced one yourself. A roof leak turned hole in the ceiling. A termite issue unnoticed until the porch started to fall. An HVAC unit that stopped working on the hottest day of summer.

What all these issues have in common is that they’re largely preventable.

At BuiltWell, it’s our mission to bring routine property maintenance into the residential space. With our home management subscription service, you no longer have to wonder about the condition of your home—you’ll be kept up to date with inspections several times per year, and we’ll provide you with assistance in handling issues if and when they do arise.

BuiltWell - What We Do

What we’ll do

In each of our visits, we’ll inspect your home from top to bottom. We’ll check on things like roofing, the structural integrity of your home, provide preventative mechanical maintenance, and more. We’ll take careful notes of anything we notice and inform you about what we find.

If there are small chores or repairs to be done (think changing out light bulbs and air filters, patching up a small hole in the wall—things that we can handle on the fly), we’ll take care of those while we’re there. If we notice issues that we think need attention, we’ll work with you to coordinate repairs, tapping into our network of professional service providers.

What we won’t do

It’s our goal to become your trusted partner in caring for your home, and that means we will never try to sell you on anything you don’t need. For instance: If there’s a crack in a wall in your home, we’ll monitor it. If it becomes an issue, we’ll advise you on our recommendations. If it’s just cosmetic, we’ll let you decide whether or not it needs attention. Your home. Your decisions.

Think of us as your household manager. Your trusted concierge.

Once you’re a BuiltWell customer, you can rely on us for anything and everything related to your home.

We offer a variety of add-on services that we would be more than happy to take off your hands. Just let us know before or during an inspection if you need help with things like…

Add-On Services:

Emergency Services

Furniture Assembly

Electronics & Smart Home Setup

Cleaning Maintenance

Window Tinting

Gutter Cleaning

Builtwell Membership

Homes are just as unique as the people who live in them.

BuiltWell membership starts as low as $49 per month, and packages are customized to meet your personal preferences and the needs of your home.

BuiltWell Chattanooga, TN

Where we are

As an emerging service, we aren’t everywhere just yet.

We’re currently serving the Chattanooga metro area, as well as some of our neighbors to the north and south of the city in Bradley County and North Georgia. Live in one of those neighboring areas and wondering if we’re able to add you to our list of clients? Just reach out. We’d be happy to talk with you.